February, 2020 Membership Tea Featured Speakers Peter Kuo, Vice Chair CAGOP, Candidate Tod Kimmelshue and BCBOS Incumbent Bill Connelly

2020 Membership Tea took place as planned at the First Baptist Church on Palmetto in Chico and featured speakers Peter Kuo, Bill Connelly, Tod Kimmelshue and Juanita Sumner. The meeting opened with a prayer, the flag salute, and a violin solo of The National Anthem by Peter Kuo that was fabulous!

The first speaker of the day was Butte County Board of Supervisor District 4 candidate Tod Kimmelshue, who discussed the state of the county, his work and life experience, then took questions on his plans if he is successful in his bid for the office.

Next came BCBOS Bill Connelly, who is the incumbent running for reelection in District 1. Connelly was also very informative and answered questions about the water situation, what is happening with the Oroville Dam, the aftermath of Camp Fire, and other pressing issues in our area.

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Juanita Sumner spoke about Measure A, asking area Republicans to please vote No and explained why this measure will lead to higher taxes for our area. She says that the way the pensions for CARD are calculated leads to very little in the way of contributions to those pension plans by the employees, while the taxpayers foot the bill for their pensions. She also said that the worker bees over at CARD have been cut to 28 hour work weeks, don’t get those benefits and that the high salaried employees are the ones who are getting the sweet deals. There is no end date to Measure A, so Chico will be on the hook for expensive pensions with no end in sight.

The keynote speaker was Peter Kuo, Vice Chair of the California Republican Party, who spoke for over 45 minutes. Kuo was born in Taiwan and came to the US as a boy after his father was targeted politically in that country and the entire family placed in peril. They settled in San Jose, CA and became a shining example of hard working immigrants who raised their children to respect America’s freedoms.

Kuo became a Farmer’s Insurance agent, married and had three children, then got involved politically after becoming a US Citizen and deciding to give back to the United States by defending our freedom on the political front. He gave a thoroughly enjoyable speech and we really appreciated the fact that he traveled up to Butte County to share his thoughts with us.

We had ten new members and associate members join today and CRWF looks forward to seeing you all at our next luncheon, which will be held at the Chico Elks’ Lodge on March 19, 2020 at 11:30am. If you are new please look for our newsletter, which will be coming out the second week of March, for more information.

January 16, 2020 General Membership Meeting Opens the New Season for CRWF

January 18, 2020

By Sherry Gillis

The opening General Membership Meeting of the Chico Republican Women Federated at the Chico Elks’ Lodge on Thursday, January 16, 2020 was exciting and interesting, with a great speaker and lots of information about what is coming up in the weeks and months ahead. 1st VP Pat Jones opened the meeting with a prayer, then Parliamentarian Dee Oliver lead the flag salute. There were 65 people in attendance, including an entire table of ladies from Orland who traveled through the rainy weather to grace us with their presence.

New officers were installed as follows: Kristine Anderson – President, Pat Jones – 1st VP, Meg Vogel – 4th VP, Loretta Torres – Treasurer, and Peggy Ferenz – Recording Secretary. New 2nd VP Jenna Duckhorn was unable to attend, so will be installed at the February Membership Tea. President Kris Anderson called for our group to form a budget committee, with Dee Oliver as the contact person.

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Our Membership Tea will be taking place at the First Baptist Church, 850 Palmetto Ave, Chico from 11:30am until 2:00pm on Saturday, Feb 22, 2020. California Republican Party Vice Chair Peter Kuo will be our main speaker and Tod Kimmelshue and other area candidates will be on hand to speak and meet those who attend. It is an hors d’ouvres potluck. For more information contact Kris Anderson.

Our main speaker Thursday was renowned climatologist Anthony Watts, who spoke on the climate change hoax. Watts showed us graph after graph proving that NASA has taken lower temperatures from the past in order to increase the difference between past and current temperatures, making it seem as though the temperatures are rising in an abnormal way. He said California and the West have experienced mega droughts in the long distant past and since California was colonized there has barely been climate change – we know this from the tree rings.

We have fewer violent tornadoes – evidence is not there for climate impact. Hurricanes are down in frequency, yet Al Gore said we would be experiencing more hurricanes – however, the evidence does not support the theory of climate impact. Wildfires are lessening, not increasing.

They are even trying to blame the Oroville Dam spill crisis on climate change, when we actually had an atmospheric river which caused the weather pattern that brought about the spillway problem. That event was not related to climate change. We had The Great Flood in 1862 – how does one explain that? In New York City the sea levels have actually been rising since 1850.

Watts discussed Chico in particular and proved there is no climate emergency. He demonstrated that the climate change scientists have manipulated the data and their adjustments have created a fake belief system. He said they cook the last data to make the climate trend look worse. “It is sickening what they are doing to science and getting away with it.”

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Watts has visited and studied, or had a trusted colleague visit and study, virtually every weather station in the United States. He says that “encroachment” near the thermometers causes the temperatures to go up. Encroachment is when the natural area is covered with parking lots, buildings and roads, creating an environment that is much hotter and with few trees and foliage. He says that when you take the temperature of a parking lot, for example, the temperature can vary greatly from the temperature of a park. That many of the thermometers are not accurately gauging the true temperatures, giving a false result.

Since those who test temperatures for climate change test in areas that are barren, the temperatures do not reflect correctly. The thermometers are often found in parking lots and just a few feet or inches away from a spot where someone could park with a hot radiator, throwing off the reading. Oak Ridge Lab vindicated Watts in recent years by showing him to be 100% correct in his assessment of why these false readings have been skewing results on climate.

He also said that many who gauge the temperatures as volunteer temperature takers use bad stations to create higher temperatures. Homogenization creates warming due to mixing. Watts believes we should only use good stations and good data.

The late James Goodridge, award winning State Climatologist for California, encouraged Anthony Watts to get involved in fighting the falacies of climate change years ago. Goodridge befriended Watts and showed him how the data was being manipulated. He claimed that the human fingerprint of encroachment is to blame and asked Watts to help rectify this falsehood.

Watts says that the US Climate Network have accurate data. He also said that the pattern of weather from the Pacific Ocean are what determine the weather on the West Coast more than any other factor.

If you would like more information on Anthony Watts, please visit his website at We would like to thank Mr. Watts for coming to our organization this morning to speak and answer our questions on the topic of climate change.

After the speaker we had a few other club items to discuss before the meeting was brought to a close. All in all, Thursday morning’s meeting was a smashing success and thank you to everyone who attended.

#WalkAway Event with Brandon Straka was a Great Success!

December 29, 2019

By Sherry Gillis

The CRWF #WalkAway Event featuring Brandon Straka was a great success November 21st at the Chico Elk’s Lodge.  We sold lunch tickets to 192 attendees and were happy with the turnout!  Tickets were sold both online directly from our website and with actual printed tickets, as well.

Brandon and his manager, Melissa
Brandon Straka and his manager, Melissa Robey, at the CRWF #WalkAway Event November 21, 2019.

CRWF member Jenna Duckhorn was able to contact Brandon Straka’s managers, in spite of the difficulty of obtaining a nationally known speaker, and secured him for the November event date.  She also arranged for Straka to speak at CSU-Chico for the Chico State Republicans, booked rooms for them, picked up speakers at the airport in Sacramento, put on an additional event at the park that afternoon, and otherwise knocked herself out for this cause.  Thank you, Jenna!

Brandon Straka walked away from the Democrat Party in 2018 after realizing that the accusations being made about our President were untrue.  He began the #WalkAway movement on social media and over 500,000 Democrats have joined him in the short span of time since he made this decision.  Straka was an entertaining, interesting, funny and fun speaker!  He spoke for under an hour, but it seemed like about 15 minutes, because he was so fascinating.

Thank you to everyone who worked so hard to put this on.  CRWF hopes to bring other nationally known speakers to our organization for events in 2020, so be sure to open up your Elephant Ears each month.

Photo of audience at the #WalkAway Event
The #WalkAway Event at the Chico Republican Women Federated’s November 21st luncheon was well attended.


General Membership Meeting 

April 18, 2019

The General Membership Meeting for April was well attended today, with 65 members, associates, dignitaries and guests turning out to hear nationally acclaimed author and speaker Don Jans, who gave a rousing and fascinating speech. The meeting began at 11:30 with quick reports from specific Board Members, then Rep. Doug LaMalfa dropped in and was promptly asked to the lectern to make a 10 minute speech and report on how things are going in Washington DC and in our District.

LaMalfa spoke on a number of topics, including the reactions today to the Mueller Report, which was released this morning by AG William Barr. He encouraged our members to get as fully involved in Republican politics in our area as possible and to start gearing up for the 2020 elections, including local, district, state and national.

We had a great turnout at the April, 2019 General Membership Meeting of the CRWF

The luncheon served by the Chico Elks was delicious, as usual, and as the group settled in with their lunches, the main speaker rose to address the room. Don Jans did not need a microphone, expounding easily and readily he spoke about the terrible influence collectivism has had on the United States and the need for us to decide, when we come to the fork in the road, whether we will go with the collective or take the “road less traveled.” He said the road less traveled is the way of freedom, liberty and limited government. He backed up his claims with lessons in United States history, starting with the first settlers that landed in America.

Jans was an interesting and knowledgeable speaker and the author of three books, “My Grandchildren’s America Will It Still Be the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave,” “Goodbye, Constitution, Freedom, America” and “The Road To Tyranny Individualism to Collectivism.” After his speech Jans autographed and sold his three books. He paid a great compliment to our club by stating toward the end of his talk that the Republican Women Federated clubs around the nation have been a great force against the advent of socialism, calling upon us to keep up the good work.

1st VP Colleen Waugh accepted a framed NFRW award for the work of the late Mary Kennedy, our former club president, for her publishing ability on several 2018 CRWF “Elephant Ears” newsletters. Thank you, Colleen, for submitting the work to NFRW so that Mary received the recognition she so richly deserved.

Juleah Cordi from Assemblyman James Gallagher’s office addressed the group about the AR430 legislation introduced recently, asking for our support. Club leadership reminded us that they will not be calling each member of the CRWF monthly to find out if they are going to attend the luncheon. If you want to be assured of your place at the table, then you need to call Peggy Dudman at least one week prior. You can find her number in the new ROSTER that was published and handed out today. See you next month!


March General Membership Meeting 

March 21, 2019

The March 21, 2019 General Membership meeting of Chico Republican Women Federated had quite an agenda of presentations, informative speakers, attending dignitaries and club business. The meeting kicked off with a presentation by CFRW Northern Division President Dottie Linden and CFRW Northern Division Vice President Gaylon Kastner. The Northern Division raised almost $7,000 in gift cards for our club to distribute to Camp Fire survivors and it is greatly appreciated!

We had a large influx of new members this year and we are really excited to get to know them! New members received their Membership Packets today and had their photo taken with CRWF President Loretta Torres and CRWF 1st VP Colleen Waugh. Welcome!

Our guest speaker was City Councilman Sean Morgan, who spoke to those in attendance about the state of the City of Chico in 2019, including the issues faced by the City’s budget now that there are a majority of liberals on the City Council, and the seriousness of the Camp Fire in Paradise and how that is affecting the Chico community. He discussed the attempts to bring in marijuana dispensaries by new council members, the homeless problem in Chico, and addressed concerns about the condition of roads and streets in Chico that need repair. Sean is such an excellent speaker with an intelligent approach, our club probably could have listened to him for another hour!

Juleah Cordi, District Representative from Assemblyman James Gallagher’s office, stepped up to the mic to ask conservatives in our area to support the movement to fire UC Davis Professor Joshua Clover, who has called for the killing of police officers. Assemblyman Gallagher’s petition can be found here: Cordi explained that this petition began March 7, 2019 and we really need conservatives to spread the word on Facebook and see if we can make that petition go viral, garnering large numbers of signatures.

Dottie Linden, Lynn Cardwell, Gaylon Kastner and Patty Krause
Dottie Linden, Lynn Cardwell,
Gaylon Kastner and Patty Krause

Laura Page, Senior District Coordinator at U.S. House of Representatives for Rep. Doug LaMalfa, spoke to the group about LaMalfa’s work to make it clear that marijuana is not legal at the Federal level and discourage public officials from breaking Federal Law by enabling dispensaries to be set up in our region of Northern California. LaMalfa reached out to the United States Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of California to assist our area in slowing the proliferation of marijuana and is hopeful that we will receive the support we need from them. Page says there are several non-profit organizations in the region that are looking into suing public officials who break Federal Law by enabling marijuana to be sold on the open market.

Page also discussed the work LaMalfa and his office have been doing to ease the requirements for Section 8 housing in our county due to the Camp Fire. Specifically, he is trying to make it easier to transfer Section 8 certification to another area if the recipient is unable to find housing in Butte County’s overcrowded housing scene.

CRWF First Vice President Colleen Waugh spoke about the conventions she has been attending. She was appointed as a Delegate to the State Republican Party recently and was very excited about the new officers the Party elected. Waugh had many interesting experiences to tell the group, but not much time, so we will be hearing about this topic at the next General Membership meeting in April and we look forward to it.

Having had a delicious lunch and a chance to socialize, the meeting was adjourned.

2019 Membership Tea a Great Success

February 24, 2019

Our 2019 Membership Tea was a great success this year, with over sixty-five in attendance. New CRWF President Loretta Torres opened the proceedings on time, introduced the Board, and then Sheriff Kory Honea and CRWF VP and Ways and Means Chair Jennifer Honea spoke for about an hour.

Kory Honea spoke about his visit to the Mexican border and meeting Warren Buffett’s son, Howard Graham Buffett, author of “Our 50-State Border Crisis: How the Mexican Border Fuels the Drug Epidemic Across America.” Butte County has the 5th worst opioid/fentanyl epidemic and overdose rate in the state of California. BCSO officers rarely encounter methamphetamine labs, never opioid, never fentanyl – these drugs were made south of the border and brought here. Sheriff Honea is trying to figure out how to support the effort to stop those drugs from coming into our county.

He flew the length of the border and noted that at the port of entry, where there were immigration officials, there were heavy fortification, cameras, officers – but the further from the port of entry in Cochise County, as you go out to the Normandy barriers, which are just high beams, barbed wire or nothing, there is little to stop illegal immigration. Honea also got the chance to speak to ranchers, where he discovered a high level of frustration about the way the situation is being handled.

Honea feels we need a better system. He is concerned that the argument over the border wall has become overly politicized, with the news media calling those who want to build the wall immoral and racist. He says people in Butte County are dying because the wall issue has divided everyone so much. BCSO is hamstrung by California Senate Bill 54, and border security is a threat. He says we have to be smart about the way it is handled. According to, California Senate Bill 54 effectively makes California a “sanctuary state” by legalizing and standardizing statewide non-cooperation policies between California law enforcement agencies and federal immigration authorities.

Wife Jennifer Honea, a dispatcher for the Butte County Sheriff’s Department, spoke about the couple’s recent trip to Washington, DC.  Sheriff Honea had taken the self-funded, solo trip to Arizona last year and visited the border area, then in October, Sheriff Honea received an invitation to the White House to come and do a briefing. The couple funded a trip for themselves to go to DC, flew back there, and had a very interesting trip. They got to go to the National Law Enforcement Museum, were given a tour of the capital by Doug LaMalfa, and met with the President and his cabinet at the White House. They got a tour with 7 other sheriffs from around California, then had a briefing. Kellyanne Conway came out and spoke to them about the opioid epidemic and she was very articulate and knowledgeable. The couple found the cabinet officials they met to be very well spoken and articulate. The President was also incredibly intelligent and the couple were impressed with his knowledge of what is happening in the US. They didn’t get to meet him personally, but they did get to take photos of him and found the entire trip to be fascinating.

Sheriff Honea said he felt no other administration had ever reached out to the people on the front lines of the local law enforcement front like the Trump Administration has done. As soon as the couple returned home they were on another front line – the Camp Fire.

Next, Lisa Page from Doug LaMalfa’s office spoke about the great works that have been underway by our Congressional Representative and the President to bring help and funds to the North Valley after the Camp Fire. LaMalfa went to great lengths to impress on the President our need for 90% funding after this national disaster, rather than the normal 75%, which has been approved. This means Butte County and the Town of Paradise will be responsible for 0% of the funding necessary to recover. She also spoke about the work LaMalfa has done to protect our forests.

All in all, it was a very entertaining and interesting afternoon tea with our Sheriff, his wife and other officials from our area and a good time was had by all. We had lots of women signing up to become members and we are really excited to get to know them this year. Our next regular meeting will be at the Chico Elk’s Lodge at 11:30am on March 21st – remember to contact Lee Flournoy at 521-0981 to make a reservation. For new members, just a reminder that we need an RSVP that you are coming so we can get a head count each meeting. See you there!