Join Us at a
Chico Republican Women Federated

We normally meet every 3rd Thursday of the Month at 11:30 AM
but this has changed due to the COVID19 lock down, so see below.
1705 Manzanita Ave, Chico, CA


June 18 General Membership Meeting @ Elk’s Lodge TBA

We are waiting to hear from the Chico Elk’s Lodge about whether we’ll be able to have our June 18, 2020 meeting there.  We will let you know as soon as we firm up with them.  Keep an eye on your email.

Get Ready, Girls, We’re Going to Work Hard this Summer & Fall!

After being forced to go dark this Winter and Spring, the Board of Directors have voted to work through the Summer this year by holding monthly General Membership meetings during July & August.  We have lots to do: Holiday Elegance, voter registration, taking back the Chico City Council, supporting regional and local candidates, as well as reelecting President Donald J. Trump.  So GET READY, girls!  We’re going to hit the ground running hard as soon as the lock down ends! 

One more thing:

We are thinking of having our July and August General Membership meetings at 6PM.  We have many younger, working women who want to join with us, but can’t make a noon meeting.  It is imperative we get together and consolidate our efforts, having been through the Camp Fire aftermath in our community, and now the CoronaVirus – we’ve got to be prepared to make some changes to carry us through to the election day on November 3rd, 2020.  If you have feedback about nighttime meetings, please contact CRWF President Kristine Anderson at (858) 922-3517 or email kristineanderson@sbcglobal.net.