Chico Evening Republican Women Thank the Chico PD Dispatch Dept

Chico Evening Republican Women held a meeting recognizing the great work of the Chico Police Department Dispatchers Unit a few meetings back.  CERW Member Chris Gobba spoke about the Volunteer Program at the Chico PD, since she completed the program at that time.  We purchased gift cards for Starbucks, enough for all of the dispatchers to get a cup of coffee, then purchased cookies and 2 cakes and fruit tarts.

CERW officers Sherry Gillis and Michele Cooper took these gifts to the Dispatchers on Tuesday, July 2, 2024 in hopes that it will brighten their week during the 4th of July celebrations.  The Dispatchers are the front line when it comes to reporting crime and problems in the City of Chico, and they are able to remain calm and professional regardless of with what they are facing on a daily basis.

We heard back from Caroline Parrott at Chico PD, who said, “Good Morning. It’s been a little wild over here, so in case my dept is tardy or remiss in expressing our appreciation, we loved the treats you and the Club brought to Dispatch (we even shared)! Thank you sooo much for thinking of us”.

To Chico Police Department Dispatchers we say, “Thank YOU”!